Here is a list of questions I often get asked:

How can I purchase something from Worlds End?
Call or email the Worlds End Shop. They take credit card and ship internationally via DHL. If they don’t respond to your emails, try calling them instead.

How do you take your pictures?
I use a Canon G10 on a tripod with a Tota brand light with a 1000 watt halogen bulb. Then I transfer the photos to Adobe Lightroom for color and white balance correction. Lastly I crop and paste the photos in Adobe Photoshop and reduce the file size before posting.

What is Lolita Fashion?
Lolita Fashion is a Japanese street fashion that incorporates historical women’s fashion elements with modern and popular art.  The name ‘Lolita’ in Lolita Fashion is a misnomer.  The silhouette includes a fitted bodice over a full skirt that ends just above the knee and is highly accessorized. There are style variations within the fashion, but the main appeal is youthful feminine elegance. It is neither a fetish nor a costume, although some people do often mistake it for one or both, but those in the lolita fashion community view it as normal fashion. The shape enhances the feminine silhouette and gives most women a sense of self confidence with their bodies that modern fashion is incapable of providing. Also, it’s really fun.

How can I get started with Lolita Fashion?
Check out these links for more info:
Closet of Frills – Facebook Daily Lolita
Rufflechat – Facebook free for all discussion forum
Lolita Fashion Mentors on Facebook

How are you able to afford your clothes?
I’ve been collecting and rotating my wardrobe for over ten years, amassing items slowly over a long period of time, and reselling them quickly to keep my collection small and well pruned. I keep to a budget and never buy on credit.  Often I am able to buy new items simply by reselling my old items.  Financial stability is more important than clothes or shoes. I keep an up to date itemization of my collection visible on My Closet page.

What are your body measurements?
My height is 5’4″ / 162cm.
My measurements fluctuate, but are generally in the range of 88/68/98cm (34.5/26.5/38.5in).
My body shape is something akin to this:
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.33.40 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.35.09 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.34.59 PM

How old are you?
My birthday is Nov 13, 1982.

Do you wear contacts / circle lenses?
No, I’ve never worn contacts or circle lenses, except for a handful of times in 2005 when I wore brown contacts for a cosplay. I have an irrational fear of putting contacts in my eyes, which is why I haven’t worn them.  It takes me hours to put one in, and my eye ends up bloodshot in the process.
2005.02.13 - Harajuku - Aint Kaoru Cosplay with Yukiya







Can I buy your xxxx?
If I have anything for sale, it will be available on storenvy, or lacemarket.

Where can I find xxxx?
If you have a question like this, feel free to contact me directly so I can help you.

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