Red Hair Purikura

I picked up this top at 109, and I attempted a gyaru-esque style, but it just made me look very trampy.  Saved these purikura as a reminder not to try that again.  Went to meet up with some friends in Roppongi to go dancing, but I got there early and ended up hanging out in…

Metamorphose Twins with Rin in Harajuku

Rin and I enjoying a picnic on Meiji bridge in Harajuku while we waiting for our friends to arrive.  Both wearing Metamorphose JSKs in a black and white colorway. Rebel cigarette smoking, so glad I quit. Then we had tea at Repi Doll. And of course took purikura..

Red/Pink Hair

Hated the brown, stripped out the color and dyed it red, but it looks pink.

Red Label Daikanyama Tokyo

My roommate and I decided to have a night out.  We got dressed up and went to Harajuku to say hi to some friends before heading to Daikanyama to check out the Vivienne Westwood Red Label boutique.  While we were there some of my photographer friends snapped a few pictures of us on Meijingubashi, the…

With Mimi in Harajuku

Outfit: Blouse:  Victorian Maiden Vest:  Pina Sweet Skirt:  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Socks:  Alice and the Pirates Shoes:  Found them at LIFE for like 1000y Necklaces:  Vivienne Westwood Choker:  Metamorphose Ear Muffs:  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright My Coworker wanted to come with me to Harajuku on a Sunday, so I let her borrow…

Pink Hair

Now with pink hair!  And yes, I totally took my picture inside of a communal bathroom.  Which just so happened to have a urinal right next to the mirror.  Japanese restrooms sometimes have to get creative when it comes lack of space.  

Tokyo Decadence

After work, my coworker and I decided to go to Tokyo Decadence, but I didn’t have any time to find something to wear, so I just wore my regular street clothes.  It was a hot mess for such a freezing winter night.  

Miho Matsuda Rocking Horse Boots

Outfit: Dress:  Pina Sweet Blouse:  Victorian Maiden Socks:  Miho Matsuda Shoes:  Miho Matsuda Hat:  Miho Matsuda Necklaces:  Vivienne Westwood I found these shoes at closet child, that are from Miho Matsuda, and are like the best worst thing I’ve ever found, therefore I had to get them (they were pretty cheap).  There was no way…

Brown Hair

Not really feeling the brown hair, so I took this picture a few days before deciding to go pink.