About Me

  • 1798031_10203393483018239_40690717588680358_nName:  Lauran
  • Birthday:  11/13
  • Height:  5’4″ / 162cm
  • Blood Type:  B+
  • Eye Color:  Light Blue
  • Hair:  Dark Blonde
  • Heritage:  Norwegian, German, Welsh
  • Birthplace:  San Diego, CA
  • Current City:  Los Angeles, CA
  • Education:  UCSD, B.A. Japanese Studies, 2006.  SMC, Computer Science, 2015
  • Skills:  Software Development, Web Programming, Japanese as a second language
  • Hobbies:  Fashion, Reading, Web Programming, Gaming, Playing with my dogs
  • Favorite Games:  The Last of Us, Bioshock, Half-Life, Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout

Born and raised in San Diego, I lived in the same town until I turned 18.  I spent most of my childhood outdoors; camping, traveling, and swimming.

My father was a lawyer who liked anything with engines, especially desert toys.  I had my own ATV by the time I was 7, most winter holidays we spent camping out in the sand dunes, riding up and down the wall, swimming in canals, building giant bonfires.

My mother was a hair stylist who enjoyed traveling, fitness, and dancing.  She enrolled me in all sorts of after school programs like soccer, dance, and girl-scouts.  By the time I was ten, she had dragged me all up and down the west coast, Europe, and Mexico, visiting family, museums, and seeing the world.  Her parents were frequent travelers, she said it’s in our viking blood.

In my downtime, my brother and I collaborated in beating video games together, building bmx bike tracks in our back yard (our parents were really lenient about us destroying the landscaping), and hiking and biking in the canyons behind our house.  There were tons of kids our age in our neighborhood, and we were never bored.  My childhood was quite excellent.

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1797561_10201460841023397_1586812941_n 1606258_10201460842063423_1187556100_o 1889039_10201460841903419_2023121692_o


In middle school and high school, I became more introverted as life became more complicated.  I dived into my studies, joined clubs, started working, and got involved more heavily with video game culture.  I was the only female member of our computer programming club and C++ programming class, worked in video game retail, and would go to LAN parties instead of keggers.  Somehow, despite being socially awkward, I dated, went to prom, and graduated with honors.


945588_4987218478702_351876033_n 253735_1745008545480_7238707_n 1000058_4987259399725_858029562_n


In university, I changed my major several times, attended a few different schools, before I began studying Japanese.  During summer break, I decided to travel to Japan with a classmate, we stayed at her parents house near Fukuoka, and toured all over with a JR rail pass, stoppin in Kitakyushu, Hiroshima, Osaka, Nara, Kobe, and Tokyo.  Despite my active studying the year before, my functional language skills were abysmal.  It solidified my desire to continue studying the language, study abroad for a year, and set my major.


250363_1889971449462_7795891_n 988643_10200113807628404_1221166091_n 1005881_10200113807588403_111826209_n

  6951_10200113683265295_1913524334_n 580432_4987131236521_935777728_n


When I was 21, I moved to Tokyo my Junior year studying abroad at ICU and Tsukuba University, and marks the beginning of this blog and my very first blog post.

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