How to buy from Worlds End – Vivienne Westwood, 430 King’s Road

How to mail order items from Worlds End

  1. Check for new release, sale stock, and other updates on instagram:
    • — Lisa, Shop Manager
    • — Sawamura, Assistant Shop Manager
    • Note – Don’t ask stock questions or request holds/reserves on instagram. Fit/sizing questions are usually ok. The shop is pretty busy and staff can’t always answer social media questions for window shoppers. If you’re really serious about buying something, send an email.
    • Don’t be a dick and try to blindly order Anglomania/Red Label/AK for VW/Gold Label items from Worlds End. There are literally hundreds of other brick and mortar and online shops you can check for seasonal stock instead. Try to stick to Worlds End exclusives (Mountain hats, squiggle tops, rocking horse shoes, etc) for mail orders from Worlds End, or whatever items they’ve advertised as being in stock at their shop on instagram.
  2. Email the shop:
    Include your:

    • Name
    • Mailing address, Country, Telephone
    • Name of the item you want, a link to the instagram post, or a picture of the item.
    • Size
    • Color
    • Quantity
    • If you want to:
      • Reserve/Hold the item and pay later – Some items can be held for a few days before requiring payment. Your mileage may vary depending on the item and if you’re a new customer or a regular customer.
      • Pay now and hold shipping – Shipping is flat rate DHL for international orders and some customers like to pre-pay items as they come in stock and then ship multiple items in one box to save on shipping.
      • Pay now and ship now
    • Credit Card information (CC#, Security Code, Expiration Date, Billing Address) – There is no checkout system to input your credit card into. You will need to supply your credit card information via email for an international order. Worlds End takes great care with customers’ private information, but they can not control where you are sending your email from or who can access your email accounts. If you are concerned about the privacy of your CC information, make sure you are sending your information from a secure email address from a device that is not shared with others (such as a public library, shared work station, etc).
  3. Be patient. Some times it can take up to a week to receive a reply to a mail order. If your email is not responded to within 7~10 days, try again.
  4. Your order will be shipped via DHL. Worlds End is not responsible for any import taxes or customs fees. If your country charges both of these, be aware there may be extra fees involved to receive your package. Sometimes these fees may come via a snail mail letter several weeks/months after receiving your package.

**This post is a helpful tutorial on how I submit my orders and is not affiliated with Worlds End or Vivienne Westwood.

Rocking Horse Boots – UK6

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