How To Put On A Front Lace Wig

I often get asked about my hair, since I wear wigs in my coordinates, people wonder about what kind I use and how I apply them to get a natural hairline.

To answer as many questions as possible, I made a video to show exactly how I put on my wigs before I take photos of my coordinates.

In the past I wore wigs for fun, those regular costume wigs with elastic hooks and wefts of hair sewn into tracks, but you can’t wear those for extended periods of time, because the elastic can squeeze, causing headaches, and the tracks can become itchy, plus you can only wear the hair down as you can’t lift the hair up without exposing the tracks.

I became serious about wearing wigs and collecting lace front and full lace wigs after I shaved all my hair off in a moment of weakness ala Britney Spears 2007.  But then my head would get cold and I would get self conscious, and decided to start trying out all sorts of wig styles while I had no hair in the way.

Using information leads from friends and google, I read several forum posts, watched youtube videos, and got in contact with a handful of retailers who produce human hair full lace wigs.

I went through a period of trying on various sizes of lace wigs, most places have a stock of small, medium, and large.  When my hair was shaved off, I was closer to a small, but as my hair grew out, the small wigs became too small, and I had to order new ones in size mediums.

Now I have one favorite wig, the one that I wear in almost all of my coordinate photos.  It is a remy Indian human hair, bleached to a stock color 605.  When I received it, I toned the color to a neutral ash blonde, and gave it some body waves.

My wig can be styled just like regular hair, with any hot tools, rollers, flat irons, curling irons, hair dyes, etcetc.  It can be shampooed, conditioned, and wet set.  It is real hair.

Most human hair wigs come in chinese hair, indian hair, or malaysian hair.  Since I am caucasian, I wear Indian hair wigs, as it is the closest in thickness, texture, and body wave to my own hair.  Asian hair tends to be stick straight and thick.  My first wig was Chinese remy hair, and was too bulky around the crown of my head to look natural.  After that I switched to Indian hair and have had been success with it looking natural.


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