Juliette et Justine Noble Du Chat Jupe and Worlds End Tracey Trainers in Gold




Blouse:  Alice and the Pirates High Collar Chiffon Blouse in Black
Skirt:  Juliette et Justine Noble du chat Jupe
Leggings:  Vivienne Westwood Japan Label Leopard Leggings
Shoes:  Vivienne Westwood Worlds End Tracey Trainers in Gold with Silver Stripes
Shawl:  Axes Femme
Hat:  Metamorphose
Necklace:  Vivienne Westwood Small Orb Pendant in Gold

This morning I sold my Noble du chat skirt, as it was too large and I’m not fond of the waist band (or lack thereof), although the print is absolutely darling.  I did manage to take a coordinate photo of the skirt to show the details a few days before listing it for sale.  The combination of leggings and trainers makes this coordinate a bit a-typical for lolita standards, but it’s my style so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  I picked up the hat for super cheap from Fururun, and I pretty much wear my Axes Femme bolero shawls everyday, they add a nice refined detail to my summer house dresses.  While I think this coordinate would have looked best without the bolero shawl, the blouse is chiffon and quite see through and until I manage to get some nice camisoles to wear underneath it, I won’t be wearing this blouse without a bit of covering up.



When I first tried to wear this skirt casually with my Axes Femme tops, that is when I realized I was not fond of the gathered invisible waistband style.  Without pleats it just looks like a rumbled mess.  It has to be neatly covered somehow, otherwise it creates a very unflattering line.



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