Worlds End Gold Label Rocking Horse Boots in Silver



Dress:  Anglomania Rubens Elephant Twister Dress
Tights:  Japan Label
Shoes:  Worlds End Gold Label Rocking Horse Boots in Silver
Accessories:  Giant Orb Pendant in Silver, Diamante Horn Tiara

I was trying really hard not to give in to the temptation of the gold and silver rocking horse boots, as I already have the gold ballerinas and an order in for the silver ballerinas, but alas, I couldn’t resist.  I have a pair of black in a uk5 which are extremely snug and require a bit of effort to put on with almost no room for socks, so this time I took a gamble and tried sizing up to a uk6.  I was hesitant about it as I’ve had the uk6 baby rocking horse shoes which are completely unwearable in a size up, and the sized up ballerinas are somewhat tolerable to shuffle around for short distances, but these sized up boots turned out to be a surprisingly good fit!  There is a bit of toe room, but the uppers are snug enough to hold my foot in place to prevent slipping, and I don’t have to use a shoe horn to put them on (major bonus).  After I confirmed the size was perfect, I went ahead and ordered the last pair of gold uk6 boots while I still had the chance.  I wouldn’t normally be so keen to buy this many shoes all at once, but Worlds End worked hard to bring these colors back, and I didn’t want to risk them selling out.


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