Gold Label Roman 3 Strap in Red Leather – Unboxing Vlog

Top:  Worlds End Climate Revolution Square Tee
Suit:  Red Label Tartan Suit
Socks:  Japan Label DIY Socks
Shoes:  Gold Label Roman 3 Straps in Red Leather
Beanie:  Worlds End Chaos Beanie
My Roman 3 Straps arrived!  So happy.  I’ve been needing more flats, and these are great.  I wore them to work all day, and now I think I need them in another color (of softer leather, maybe yellow), as these are going to take some time to break in.  I was on my feet walking for 6 hours straight, and only managed to give myself little chaffing blisters on my pinky toes, but that’s because I wore them without socks the whole time.  I’ll have to remember to wear them with socks til they’re softened up some more.  Still though, 6 hours in new leather shoes without padded soles isn’t bad.  I did do a proper unboxing video before I left.  I never really notice how much I hum to myself until now.
IMG_5243 IMG_5246

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