Anime Expo 2013: Renoir Mini Crini

Top:  Worlds End White Envelope Top
Skirt:  Anglomania Renoir Mini Crini
Stockings:  Japan Label Blue Logo Tights
Shoes:  Gold Label White Ballerina Rocking Horse Shoes
Acc:  Giant Orb Pendant, Climate Revolution Pins, Diamante Horn Tiara
Yesterday my bff and I went to Anime Expo 2013 just to have a looksee.  We used to go a lot back in the lolita heyday, when Anime Expo had multiple lolita events, and it was the place to go to network with locals. Now that we’re a little bit older and a little bit less enthusiastic about hanging out with a bunch of sixteen year olds, going to Anime Expo was more of a nostalgia walk than a social experience.  We only lasted about 2 hours before we decided going home and relaxing was a better idea.
IMG_2457-25282-2529 IMG_2469-25282-2529 IMG_2468 IMG_2505

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