Gold Label Pencil Skirt and Worlds End Envelope Top

img_5090 img_5088 img_5058-2 img_5071-2


Top:  Worlds End Envelope Top in White
Skirt:  Gold Label High Waisted Pencil Skirt
Shoes:  Gold Label Elevated Courts
Necklace:  Small Orb Pendant in Gold
Hair Acc:  Diamante Horn Tiara

I got all dolled up today to go to work, but something came up and I had to stay home.  I love this pencil skirt, it’s lined in pink, so the flash in the pictures makes it look somewhat sheer, when it’s really just picking up the lining.  Later in the afternoon my only plans included dog walks, working from home, and errand running, so I changed into my favorite Anglomania Twisted Shorts and 2011 Melrose T-Shirt with Gold Label Silver Mary Janes.  It was too hot out to wear the matching blazer like I usually do.

For the next 5 months I’m on a ‘Get her did’ mission to knock out the remainder of my student loans (only about $5000 left, finally in the home stretch!).  So I’m going to be putting my shopping habits aside until I get them all paid off completely.  Fortunately, going back to work means more income, so I might be able to squeeze in a couple pairs of shoes depending on how much work there is to do and how capable I am in doing it all.

Right now my shoe needs list include:  Red Roman 3-Strap, Black Mary Janes, and Black Tracey Trainers.  My ‘want but don’t need’ list includes:  Red Squiggle Elevated Bondage Boots, Tartan Clomper Slave Sandals,  Black and White or Red and White Golf RHS, and a million other shoes.  I think the next on my list is definitely going to be the roman 3-strap, because it’s hot out and I need new flats.  It’s definitely good motivation to get back into working full time.


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