New Shoe Shelves, Billy Bookshelf from Ikea

This morning I went to Ikea to get shoe shelves for my apartment.  I had been looking around for something to replace my old racks for quite a while, and finally decided on this set.
The only problem is that when I measured my walls, I didn’t have enough space for the narrow shelf on the far left.  I decided to head down to go check things out, and eventually decided on getting the three middle shelves, and used the extra money to get glass doors for one of the wide ones.  Everything was very heavy, and the boxes were all about 80″ long (about 205cm), and I had to measure the cargo space of my car before I left to make sure that I could take everything home myself.  It was a perfect fit.
After loading up my car, I drove everything home, and slowly wheeled everything upstairs.  I was way sweaty and tired by the time I finished unloading, but after a nice lunch I dug right in and was determined to get these all built before 10pm (when the noise ordinance kicks in, no hammers allowed).  After I got the first shelf done, I was really happy.  It took longer since I had to add the doors, but I think it looks stunning.
Finally around 9pm I finished the whole project, and I can not be happier.  In fact, now that I can see the space better, I think next month I’ll go back and get a dvd/cd shelf for the left space, and another narrow shelf for the right space.  It’s nice having enough room to expand my shoe collection, and to be able to keep everything in glass so they don’t get dusty or covered in dog hair.  I also got a package from Worlds End in the mail today, but I haven’t had a chance to open it yet, and now I’m too tired.  I’ll open it tomorrow so I can be properly excited.



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