Anglomania Victoria Wedge Sandals

As part of my reward to myself for surviving this past weekend, I picked up these Anglomania Victoria Sandals.  They’re from the new Anglomania shoe line, which is manufactured in China and retails at a much more affordable cost.  I picked these up for $166 + tax on  (I’m not affiliated with Amazon, just linking my purchase source).  The interesting thing that surprised me with these shoes, is they come in new blue boxes, and a white dustbag.  It was rather fun being surprised with a new shoe box style.
I’ve dubbed these my Victory shoes.  After 2 years of constant health complications, this weekend was my first trip away from home.  It was the first time I was able to drive for 3 hours in Southern California traffic on the freeways since December 2010.  The fact that I was able to survive the trip with nothing more than intense muscle soreness and a day of exhaustion flu when I finally got back home, tells me that I really truly am almost back to normal.  In fact, a few days before the trip, I start returning to work part time.  I’m not sure if this is all thanks to the gluten free diet, or thanks to the mega vitamin d supplement prescription I’ve been taking, but either way I’m really happy to know that something is working.  Finally.  A bit of relief.

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