Gold Label Red T-Bar Pumps

Top:  Anglomania Sunday Blouse
Skirt:  Anglomania Eight Skirt
Shoes:  Gold Label T-bar Pumps
Purse:  Beirn Water Snake Totebag
I picked these up on ebay for really cheap, but they’re in excellent condition.  I was quite surprised, as for the price I fully expected them to be borderline tossers, but they’re not even worn that much, looks like they were broken in and then shelved by the previous owner.  The heel tips aren’t that bad at all, and the foil logo stamp on the inner sole is still visible, so I guess I got really lucky with these.  I wore them all day without any issues, so they most likely didn’t sell them for lack of comfort that is for sure.  The balance on these are much better than my silver t-bars, I guess it’s hit or miss with this design.
I wore this yesterday, while out running errands.  I went to Gamestop and reserved a PS4 and some games, since I’ve learned over the years it’s better to reserve early and cancel later if I change my mind, than it is to decide I want one at the last minute when they’re all sold out and on ebay for quadruple the price.
While I was there I picked up my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.  I’ve been playing that this afternoon since coming home from work.  On Monday I got a whole lot of stuff unpacked from my Dad’s that he had stored in his garage.  There wasn’t anything valuable in all the boxes, most of it I put in donation bags, except for a bunch of old pictures, some stuff from high school like my diploma and my old year books, and some other nostalgia items I can’t seem to throw away.    It’s still all over my floor getting sorted, not sure where to put it all.


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