Vintage Elevated Courts vs New Elevated Gillies

I noticed while reorganizing my shoe shelves, that when I put my new elevated gillies next to my vintage elevated courts, they looked much larger.  I’ve always thought the gillies and courts were of the same height, but I guess either I was wrong, or maybe it’s the size difference (my courts are 5s and my gillies are 6s), but it gave me a little bit of joy knowing my new gillies are just a little bit taller.  I really don’t like keeping my shoes out on display like this, for some reason it makes me nervous, so even though I just organized everything, I’ll probably put them all back in there boxes.  But then they run the risk of getting marks from sitting on their sides in the boxes for too long.  What I really need is a cabinet with glass doors that are uv protected, and wide enough so they’re all spaced out and not touching each other.  Hmm.
IMG_4845 IMG_4846

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