Special Order Gold Label Red Patent Leather Elevated Gillies

Dress:  Worlds End Tartan Shirtwaister Dress
Tights:  Japan Label Leopard Tights
Shoes:  Gold Label Red Patent Leather Elevated Gillies
8 weeks ago I made a custom order for these red patent leather elevated gillies, and they just arrived this morning along with my gold tracey trainers (post on those tomorrow).  It’s sad to say that after ordering my pair, the gillies were discontinued and are no longer being produced :(.  Mine was one of the last pairs made.   I can’t be too disheartened though, the elevated gillies had a good long run and us collectors had nearly 20 years to order them.  I really do have to thank Pearl at Fashion Pearls of Wisdom for kicking me in the butt to order them in time.
The shoes fit really lovely, but I’ll try to minimize the wear and only pull them out for special occasions.
IMG_4826 IMG_4827 IMG_4828 IMG_4829 IMG_4830 IMG_4831 IMG_4834 IMG_4835 IMG_4836 IMG_4837


  1. Hi I’m just wondering, with custom orders, how do you know what’s available/what can actually be customised? For example I’m interested in red rocking horse slaves at some point… but I just have no idea on how to go about getting them or what to do! Please advise 🙂

    • The stores have a shoe book, which shows the current designs with swatches of the colors they come in. Usually you have to go to the store to see the book. If you can’t make it into a store to see the book, you would have to call Davies or Worlds End to inquire if your desired shoe color combination is currently available. They will be able to check the book and tell you what your color options are.

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