Accessories Label Toe Platform Shoes in Red Metallic

A while ago I got the black suede version of these shoes, but I sold them because they were too large.  Then recently I saw them pop up on on sale in the red metallic leather, and decided to try them out in a smaller size.  Unfortunately even though the smaller size fits better from front to back, it’s a much narrower width, and has really awkward balance.  If they could have just kept the same mould for the larger size and just shaved off some of the heel at the back, it would have been perfect, but nope.  It’s rather aggravating seeing how the one size up fits so much better and I was able to wear them out despite the huge gap in the back, but these look better on my feet and I can’t even wear them down the hall.  So, I’ll be returning them and just crossing these shoes off my wish list completely.  It’s a good thing I put some sticky felt on the bottoms.  Such a shame, as they are quite beautiful.
You can see how poorly balanced these are, the shoes point inwards, while the footbed makes you balance your feet outwards, and when you walk it feels like the heels are going to slip inwards, so you overcompensate by flexing your ankles outward when you walk.  I didn’t have this problem in the size 38.5.  I tried two pairs of size 38s and they both have this issue.  I’d go back up a size, but then the heel would have an giant 1″ gap, and they get a little slippery.
Really sad they didn’t work out.  I kind of half want to keep them just to stick them on a shelf and stare at them on display instead, but I’ll never wear them outside if I did.

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