New Domain Name!

Something magical happened the other day.  A really long time ago (years and years and years ago), I was thinking about what domain name I wanted for myself, and I figured that would be a good domain name that would do well for resume purposes and fun blogging, even though it isn’t exactly private, but privacy online is going to hell in a handbasket these days as it is, and I care even less about it now than I did back then.

Alas, it was already registered to some company in Florida with some lame business having to do with mechanical parts and consulting.  They’ve had it registered since 1997, never once letting it go.  Every so often I’d check the who-is status to see if it would soon expire, and eventually I got so tired of checking that I backordered the domain on pretty much every registrar website possible, like Godaddy, Snapnames, Namejet, etc.  Finally, last month they dropped the ball, letting the domain registration expire.

This was my chance!  Namejet had exclusive rights to the drop, so when the domain finally went to auction, I got an email telling me it was going to be me up against 38 other bidders.  I thought with that much interest, surely I didn’t have a chance in hell.  There were a couple interested bidders in the beginning, about a half dozen or so people testing the waters, but most of them dropped out early in the auction, and then in the final minutes it turned into all out war between myself and another bidder named ‘aaaaaaaa’ (who we cleverly nicknamed to ‘aaaaaaaasshole’).

Was he a shill bidder?  Perhaps, but that’s not legal.  Was he a domain hunter, wanting to add this to his collection in attempts to resell it for a profit?  Most likely.  People like to collect domains with one letter misspellings in hopes to sell to name brands who use them as re-directs (and there are a lot of brands and celebrities with the name Lauren).  Was he another person named Lauran who NEEDED this domain?  Probably not, because HE LOST AND I WON.  The need was strong with me that day.  In fact, he got within $7 of my absolute maximum bid, and had he done just one more $10 bid increment he could have had it, and I would have sobbed into my pillow for days.  But he didn’t, and by some miracle I won.

Now it’s mine.  And I’m happy.   I also got some stockings from Tokyo, but they’re not as exciting (to me, maybe they’re more exciting to you though, hence the honorable mention in this post).  Union Jack in blue and red, and Union Jack in inverted pink and green!  The matchy matchy urge is always strong, I couldn’t resist them after getting my Gold Label Union Jack Envelope dress, making a nearly complete runway look.  How convenient it is that I want the same tartan clompers.

20121004154604 20130405174406
20121004172045 20121004172154

Anyhoo, from now on my blog will be called and I’ll have to make a new watermark for my photos, but until I find the time to design a new website (or actually have content worthy of posting besides the occasional shopping/sharing post), I’ll stick with my trusty blogger.  It’s so trusty it will even automatically redirect to the new url, so no need to worry about updating bookmarks just yet either, unless if you want to (except why would you want to? Seriously nobody reads this blog but me, and maybe my mom).



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