OMG, Shoes.

I’ve been quiet this month, mostly because my purchases are of the made to order type and won’t get here for quite a while.  I have plenty of clothing to tide me over during this time of shoe acquisition, and  won’t be needing anything new until hopefully the summer sales begin.  I’m expecting a pair of Bag Boots in brown, a pair of Rocking Horse Baby Shoes in black, a pair of Elevated Gillies in red patent (custom order), a pair of Tracey Trainers in Gold and Silver (custom order), and those are just the shoes I’ve paid for/am about to pay for.  On top of that, I’m plotting a pair of the new Elevated Bondage Boots, a pair of Clompers, and a couple pairs from the new Anglomania line.  I don’t have any of them in my possession yet, but I’ve found pictures from around the internet of what I’m expecting.

Gold Label Bag Boots in Brown
Gold Label Rocking Horse Shoes Baby in Black
Custom ordered Gold Label Elevated Gillie in Red Patent
Custom ordered Gold Label Tracey Trainers in Gold
(mine will have silver stripes instead of red)

I’ll hopefully have the bag boots this week, and can have the baby rhs shipped anytime, but I’m waiting for my gillies to be finished to have them ship together.  Then I hope to get at least one of the elevated bondage boots by the time my tracey trainers are done and have them ship together in about 8 weeks.  So I have a lot of waiting around to do.  It will all be worth it in the end, because these are just absolutely amazing.  I’ve got dibs on red squiggle, but the black are also quite intense.  I guess depending on how the gillies fit I’ll know if it’s worth getting the blacks for wearing or just the red squiggle for collecting.

d-483-Sm2 DSC_0125-Copy2


  1. Oh the waiting! But it will be a huge shoe party when they all arrive! I am waiting to put my custom order in, was going to do it this week but got landed with an unexpected dental bill, sob x

    • I don’t know how I’m going to survive all this waiting. I just need to pay for the trainers, but I placed the order earlier this week. I don’t think they expect me to pay until they’re ready to ship, but I’ll probably try to pay them off before they’re done. Maybe you can have them start the order now and have them hold them til you’re ready?

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