George Cox Re-Issue Ripple Sole Engineer Boots

Ever since I read Nana several years ago, wow almost a decade really, I’ve wanted a pair of Vivienne Westwood and George Cox collaboration ripple sole engineer boots.  All the pairs I’ve seen on the resale market have been quite abused with an insane price, and I never really thought I’d ever own a pair.  Well technically I still don’t own a pair, as these are re-issues by George Cox without the Vivienne Westwood brand label or the engraved picture frame buckles, but everything else is the same as the original design.  George Cox’s manufacturer in London has been churning out re-issues for the Japanese market for a number of years now, so they’re not exactly hard to find if you know where to look.  Brand new, they run about $450.  They only come in men’s sizing, so I made the mistake and ordered them in a men’s size 6, when I should have ordered a 5.  So unless if I can manage to find a good insole to keep my feet from slipping around, I might have to ebay these (no returns ;o;) and order another pair in the right size.  No patience and a dead iphone battery = ipad photos in my pajamas.



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