Christmas 2012

This year for Christmas, we didn’t have a typical celebration.  My husband had a cold, and I wasn’t about to travel to my parents just yet, so we stayed in, cooked a bunch of steaks, and ate/slept/ate/slept/ate/slept the whole holiday.  This year for Christmas, I was given an allowance to go shopping at the VW on Melrose.  With Teri’s help, I picked out the Envelope Top in white, the Shirtwaister Dress in Black, the New Drape Dress in the salon print, and a backup bottle of Boudoir Jouy Edition.  I only just got my box this morning, and was so excited to pop it open that I forgot to take unboxing photos.  Everything fit perfectly, but I was stunned by how comfortable and well fitting the Shirtwaister dress is!  It seriously is now my absolute favorite item.  I’ll take better photos of everything in a few days when I have more time and space.  Only 6 more weeks til moving, and I have a ton of sorting to do.
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