Charity Dog

Sorry for the lack of new updates.  Here is my dog in her charity and awareness finest.  She’s one of those mild mannered dogs and doesn’t mind a bit of dressing up.  She very much liked snuggling in the Humanade shemagh.  They’re quite cozy.  The bad news is they’re sold out (no more shemaghs 😦 ).  The good news is they’re sold out (yay successful charity!).
I’m still going back and updating old posts, so if you don’t see regular updates from me for a while, you can see old stuff getting posted.  I just finished 2004, and will be working on 2005 next.  That’s gonna take a while.  All my pictures from before 2004 were never made digital and have been lost in a sea of moving boxes many years in the past.  I bought my first digital camera the week before studying abroad, which is when my blog posts start.  If I ever find them, perhaps I’ll stretch my old blog posts even earlier.  My goal is to make this one comprehensive journal from beginning to end, it’ll be interesting to see all the changes I make in my life on a linear timeline.
I’m moving in 2 months into a new apartment while this one gets renovated, so I’m spending my time whittling down my pile of things, and reading a lot of self help blogs on minimalism to get me in the right mind set.  I might list some more of my vw collection that I haven’t worn to help with moving costs, but I’m tackling the less important stuff first, like my two boxes of random hair products, my giant collection of old debunk electronics and cables I’ve never thrown out, my stacks of boxes things originally came in, and all the other random knick knacks I haven’t looked at in forever but once I look at them they seem useful enough to keep.  I want to get it all done before the New Year, so between that, preparing for the holidays, learning to cook, and updating old blog posts, I think I can successfully curb my boredom for a while.


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