Birthday Haul 2012

For my birthday this year, to spite the fact that I can no longer eat wheat, I brainstormed with my bff the most obnoxious food I could prepare for my birthday breakfast.  Somehow or other, we came up with nutella banana sandwiches, that are battered and coated in fruity pebbles, then deep fried.  Even though I used only gluten free ingredients, it was unexpectedly a huge success.  They look incredibly disgusting, but they were quite delicious.  I had some batter leftover and decided to toss the extra banana pieces in for good fun.
Then I got to open presents!  I love presents.  Usually I’m a very enthusiastic gift giver, so when I get presents back it turns me into a giant emotional sap.  This year I got:
Gold Label Black Kid Leather Rocking Horse Boots, gift from hubby
Gold Label Grey Suede Sack Boots, gift from hubby
Worlds End Plum Envelope Top (I keep wanting to call it the shirtwaister top though), gift from hubby
Vivienne Westwood Wool Print Square Tee, gift from a friend
Blue hand knit sweater, gift from my mother
Breville Juicer, gift from my father
Paper Mario for my 3DS, gift to myself as it’s release was just two days before
Plus lots of cards and well wishes from others, and a text from my brother saying he was holding my gift hostage until I drove down to his house for the holidays to get it.  He’s kind of an insensitive jerk most of the time, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a gift for me, he just wants me to come down and pick up my storage bins he’s been holding.
I was really excited about the juicer, since it will help me a lot with healing.  I have an appointment with a clinical nutritionist on the 30th, so I can create some meal plans and check all my vitamins.  I was also really excited about the sack boots, but even though they’re a uk5, I found them to be a tad small, so I’m not sure if I’m going to swap them out or not.


  1. That ‘cake’ does look surprisingly good! Great haul, too bad about the sack boots sizing Im always fine with those but the Bag and Bondage boots sizing is always difficult for me so I go for a 6 in those and wear insoles rather than have the 5 which rubs my toes – my old pair of tan leather Bags is a 5 and I hardly wear them so definitely swap them if you aren’t sure. Love the purple colour of the shirt such a great piece xx

    • Yeah I usually am totally fine with size 5 in these, but for some reason this pair is just slightly too small, not sure why. My size 5 bondage boots, bag boots, and rocking horse boots at all fine. So weird.You’ve got me hooked on the shirtwaister dresses and tops. I had to give one a try, and now I feel like I need them all. Love the fit so much.

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