A Birthday Present

My 30th birthday is on Tuesday next week (11/13), and my husband has to leave on a business trip today, so we celebrated last night instead!  I asked him for a new pair of shoes, and usually he couldn’t be bothered to set foot into any retail establishment on my behalf, but since it is my 30th birthday and he won’t be here for it, I think he felt slightly more obligated this time.  So I called the VW on Melrose and asked for stock in my size, and reserved the pair I wanted with the awesome help of Teri (seriously if you go to VW Melrose and need help, she’s the best!).
Through the rain we get but once a year here in Los Angeles and during rush hour traffic at that, my poor husband trekked for 3 hours to pick them up.  Fortunately he also swung by Morton’s Steakhouse to grab our dinner to-go, and he was happy to come home and relax with a nice steak and a bottle of champagne after a job well done.  Thanks honey! ❤
This is what I picked out!  Rocking Horse Boots in black!  I have a pair of ballerina’s in white, but they’re a size uk 6, and after lots of talking about sizing with Teri I realized I should probably downsize to a uk 5, and she was totally right.  These boots fit literally like a glove for my feet.  I look forward to many happy memories while wearing these, as my plan is to make these my ‘not afraid to destroy from overuse’ boots, unlike most of my other shoes that I rotate to minimize wear.  I also had the option of getting the red golfs, but I really wanted some day wear shoes, and I would be too paranoid to get the golfs dirty to wear them out much, not to mention it being relatively hard to coordinate red and white shoes.  Maybe next time!
20121109-IMG_3280 20121108-IMG_3276 20121108-IMG_3278



  1. Gorgeous you totally deserve a treat. My friend Mitch has a pair and hers are so scuffed she wore them to death but they actually look really cool worn in, just like pirate boots do so definitely dont be afraid to wear the hell out of them! x

    • Yeah they’re really easy to walk around in too! I was able to go walk a mile with the dogs and not feel achy in my feet, so I have a feeling these will get super loved.

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