Anglomania Tartan Sunday Dress


Dress:  Anglomania Sunday Dress w/ matching kerchief
Shoes:  Accessories Label Elevated Courts
Necklace:  Silver Tiny Orb Pendant

It’s fall already!  Time to put away the SS wardrobe and bring out the FW items from storage.  Los Angeles hasn’t seem to have gotten the memo though, with this heat wave that has been lasting for weeks.  What a perfect time for a new air conditioning unit to get installed in my apartment incorrectly! Consequently this means I’ve been suffering the high temperatures indoors.  I spend most of my time camping in front of my fan waiting for the repairman to arrive, but it finally cooled down enough this weekend to wear something I wasn’t afraid of getting a little bit sweaty.  This lightweight cotton tartan seersucker sunday dress is lined and very breathable.  I love the matching kerchiefs (shawls?) that come with these dresses,and they work well to keep the sun off my shoulders when outside.

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