Gold Label Bag Boots, Milkyway Shirt, and Eight Skirt

Shirt: Gold Label Milkyway T-Shirt
Skirt:  Anglomania Eight Skirt
Socks:  Japan Label DIY Socks
Shoes:  Gold Label New Bag Boots in Grey Suede
Accessories:  Gold Small Orb Pendant, Orb Swatch
I got a haircut and bleach the other day.  I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself, the bleaching and the cutting off all of my hair.  I never quite regret having cut all my hair off, but I do go through periods where I miss having long hair, hence all the wigs.  I look better in real life with short hair, and look better in photographs with long hair.  It’s one of those weird lens distortion things I’m assuming.


One comment

  1. You new hair cut is gorgeous!! I always look so strange with my hair up in photo’s it’s so weird isnt it how you can look totally different in a photo to real life! x

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