Vintage Red Heart Buckle Pumps

I picked up from the post office today a pair of vintage Vivienne Westwood pumps.  These pumps are divine.  I bought them as a display piece for about $75, seeing as they are a UK 7, and I wear a UK5, I never imagine they would fit, but the shoe design is so narrow and pointed that it fit my small feet perfectly.  As you can see, there is no extra room in the heel, and the toe fits just right.  I never expected I’d be able to wear them, but I can!!  I’m not sure yet if I want to though, they’re a piece of shoe history and I really think I’ll just put them up for display.
The inner soles have the made by Guido Pasquali stamp.  Guido Pasquali is an Italian shoe designer that first started working with Vivienne back in 1994, and this was one of the first designs made under his newly acquired licensing agreement.  Despite being nearly 20 years old, these shoes are in excellent condition, just look at condition of those soles!  There is a bit of discoloration on the heels from sun fading, and some dark areas around the platform from what looks like poor storage and the softening of the leather, but perhaps I can give them a little renovation tlc and they’ll shine like new again.


  1. That is so awesome about the sizing!! Even if you only wear them for a special occasion at least you have the option now. I didn’t realise when you showed me the site they were from the collection after mine but it didnt have great photos did it, I mean look how cherry red they are, beautiful! The longer toe is really characteristic of ’95 Erotic Zones collection and the other ones Pasquali did the shoes for. I am so please for you! x

    • I swear you are a fountain of knowledge. I like that they are both different, as that way each pair is still unique to our private collections. I really can not believe I can fit into mine though. So much shoe temptation, I swear I’m going to wear my collection into the ground before they even have a chance at making it into a museum.

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