Striped Eight Skirt, Graffiti Tartan Bag, and Slashed Bag Clogs

20120723-IMG_2279 20120723-IMG_2281 20120723-IMG_2283

Just some things I picked up from the post today.  The bag is pretty intense and I’m happy to add it to my collection.  The striped eight skirt was incentive to get myself to do some not fun things a couple weeks ago, one thing we learn as kids is that the reward system gets shit done.  The shoes I found on the bay for a steal.  I think I’m about the only person who likes the slashed bag clogs.  I initially thought they were going to be uncomfortable, but after I got the saawood clogs, I realized they must actually be pretty comfy.  I have just a few more things coming in, and then I’m on a ban for a while, haha.

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