SS 2012 End of Season Sale Loots

While I don’t have any coordinates for today, I do have a pile of loot from the end of season sale that I need to wear soon.  I picked up 4 things, two of which I have already posted, the Anglomania Mini Crini and the Red Monday Blouse.  I also picked up the Renoir Mini Crini and the Navy Blue Check Eight Skirt.  That is 3 skirts and 1 shirt!  Which means I’m still in desperate need of more tops!  Hopefully next end of season sale will balance things back out in my wardrobe.   I feel rather foolish turning 30 (soon ugh) and only ever wearing t-shirts like a schmuck.  I spent most of my free time today going back and watermarking all of my photos, as I’ve grown a bit tired of people google image searching for Vivienne Westwood items, stealing my photos and using them for ebay sales.  It really is awkward when I see pictures myself in other people’s auctions.  Hopefully, this will help deter that bit of confusion.


  1. Urgh I agree, I mean I dont mind if they say something like here is a blog you can see the item being worn at and give my link but when they try to pass off my photo’s as their own item that makes me so mad as who knows what crap they could be selling. Im also sick of people thinking its me doing the selling as people trust me and its not me but some random! I contacted ebay and they just said to watermark my photos I dont want to do that so I will just have to keep busting ebay’s balls every time I see it happen. On a more positive note, lovely sales buys can’t wait to share my news stuff, it is actually a bit silly the amount of stuff I got in London but they were down to 65%! x

  2. I picked up the mini crini also but I’m wondering did you have any problems with it snapping back into shape? The butt on mine is a little flattened out from being packed in the box and so I am trying to figure out how to get it to poof out and then I’m also worried that once I wear it and sit for a long time that will be the end of it.

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