Shoe Collection – July Update


Just a quick shoe collection update.  I felt the need to ebay off some shoes that I found to be way too uncomfortable to keep, and replaced them with some gold label shoes that I can walk long(er) distances in.  Although I did make an effort to downsize the chaos, I still have way too many shoes (and more on the way -_-;).  Right now there are only 28 pairs pictured, but two pairs I don’t have with me right now, and that brings the grand total up to 30 pairs.  Compared to my last shoe collection post which had 34 pairs back in March, that’s only a net difference of -4 pairs.  You can see the difference here:

Not sure exactly where things are going from here on, as far as expanding my collection, but I still definitely need to get some Tracey Trainers, Gold Label Bag Boots, Sack Boots, and some more Mary Janes in different colors before I’ll be satisfied.  Then there are always the vintage collectables that haunt me, and I try to keep my eyes on the auction sites as often as I can to make sure nothing too amazing passes me by.  The most exciting additions have been the super rare gold label elevated boots, and the silver mary janes that I scored second hand for about 80% less than retail.

I have plans to design a shoe wall soon, so that is at least something to look forward to doing while I’m still recovering.  On the health news front, I’m over mono mostly, but I have a nasty case of chronic rhinitis, adenoiditis, middle ear infection, and never ending vertigo and headache.  I’m finally seeing doctors who are willing to make the effort to treat me now that I am far past the window of ‘wait and see’.  With mono they usually wait a year before they even start checking you out for other issues, and now they are finally starting me on steroids, and I might possibly be looking at some surgery in the near future to have my adenoids removed, ear blasted, and sinuses scraped.  It’s a bit daunting, but it’s great to finally be taken seriously by my doctors, and to have some prospect of regaining my health so I can return to work and buy MORE SHOES!

For the sake of a shoe post, for those new curious, here is the run down starting from top to bottom, left to right.

1.  Ankle Strap Pumps in Lime Green
2.  Accessories Label Leg Strap Mary Janes in Black, from the SS 2005 Collection
3.  Gold Label Bondage Boots in Black Canvas (Canvas Seditionary Boots), Re-issue from the SS 2002 Nymphs Collection
4.  Gold Label Elevated Ankle Boots in Black, from the AW 1998 Dressed To Scale Collection
5.  Accessories Label Propaganda Pirate Boots in Cedar, AW 2005 Propaganda Collection
6.  Pointed Toe Patent Leather Boots in Black Patent Leather
7.  Accessories Label Shearling Pirate Boots in Black
8.  Gold Label Pirate Boots in Grey Suede, Re-issue from the AW 1981 Pirate Collection.
9.  Gold Label Pirate Boots in Black Leather, Re-issue from the AW 1981 Pirate Collection.
10.  Gold Label Pirate Boots in Red Squiggle, Re-issue from the AW 1981 Pirate Collection.
11.  Accessories Label Pirate Boots in AR Propaganda Canvas, from the SS 2006 AR Collection

12.  Accessories Label Ankle Strap Pumps in Black Patent
13.  Accessories Label McCambridge Tartan Gillies
14.  Accessories Label Sack Boots in Grey, from the AW 2006 Collection
15.  Gold Label Rocking Horse Ballerina Shoes in White, Re-issue from the AW 1986 Harris Tweed Collection
16.  Accessories Label AR Mock Crock Toe Pumps, from the SS 2006 AR Collection
17.  Accessories Label Propaganda Courts in Black, from the AW 2005 Propaganda Collection
18.  Accessories Label AR Courts in Natural Leather, from the SS 2006 AR Collection
19.  Gold Label Elevated Courts in Black Patent, AW 1990 Portrait Collection

20.  Anglomania x Melissa T-Bar Pumps in Black
21.  Anglomania x Melissa 3 Strap Pumps in Gold
22.  Anglomania x Melissa 3 Strap Pumps in Black
23.  Anglomania x Melissa Wedge Sandals in Green
24.  Accessories Label Trainer Saawood Clogs
25.  Gold Label T-Bar Pumps in Silver
26.  Gold Label Mary Janes in Red
27.  Gold Label Mary Janes in Silver
28.  Anglomania x Melissa Wing Sandals in Gold

Vintage AW ’94~’95 Red Heart Buckle Pumps – still in the mail
Gold Label Mary Janes in Gold – under repair


  1. I rather like how you collection need to round a corner now ha ha! It is so funny how you think you don’t need any more pairs but some how they creep on there! Just finished my updated collection photo so will blog it tonight, it is so stupid I wonder about my own sanity! I am debating trying rocking horse shoes again for my next buy, Im going to try the size up when I go to WE. I had a pair of gold mary jane ones but they were so tight even trying them on brought tears to my eyes!!So, so happy to hear you are making progress health wise. I am sure it is being sick that has caused this addiction in us both, well that’s my excuse and Im sticking to it! xx

    • IKR, I have no idea how I was able to get them to stand up all in straight lines last time. All I remember was that it took hours and I didn’t feel the urge to put that much effort into it this time. My rocking horse ballerinas aren’t that narrow, but they are a size 6, so perhaps a size up will help a lot! I have been able to wear then with socks to a convention where I was on my feet all day and didn’t feel the need to take them off even after walking around for 8 hours. I am 100% certain my shoe collection is attributed to my health fail. They are trophies of accomplishment, beautiful art to admire, fun to wear and coordinate, and a promise to myself that one day I’ll get well enough to wear them out to events. If anything they are my motivation to get better!

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