More shoe swag.

Oh how I love a good shoe day!  My skin is all red because I had just hopped out of a super hot shower, apologies if it grosses anyone out.  All of them were resale items, and I negotiated the silver gold label mary janes for $150, and not only are they are already topy’d, they only have one scuff on them!   Killer deal!  The other pair was a bargain set from my favorite ebay seller.  The seller let me buy them for almost half what they were listed for, provided I bought the pair together, and I was very happy to oblige.  I don’t have many comfy basic pumps, and these will do great.


    • Oh definitely. I think the seller was rather young and didn’t know the value of the shoes, she was very happy to receive that price for them. Although, on the flip side, in her naivety and carelessness, it did take her over a month to drop them in the post, and took 6 whole weeks to arrive. The price was worth the wait though, especially considering how much new ones have skyrocketed in their prices over the past few years. I love these courts, but I think I like the rounded stacked heel best, for some reason I find them pretty stable. And yay for pre-Louboutin trademarked red soles haha.

    • when searching vivienne westwood. Sometimes sellers that mark their items as UK only are willing to sell to international buyers if they are willing to pay for registered mail, which can be about 20gbp+. All you have to do is ask, and tell them you are willing to pay the more expensive shipping fee.

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