Gold Label Shoes Swag – Sneak Peak

20120515-IMG_1409p 20120516-IMG_1412 20120516-IMG_1414

Top:  Gold Label Elevated Boots in Black
Middle:  Gold Label Moulded Toe Mary Janes in Red
Bottom:  Gold Label Moulded Toe T-Bar Pumps in Silver

I’ve been distracted away from fashion blogging productivity due to the release of Diablo III.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of some recent gold label shoe swag that arrived this week to replace the hole on my racks that used to be filled with Melissa.  That’s right.  That right up there is a pair of Elevated Boots.  I about crapped my pants when I found those on resale.  I’ve cleared a new photography corner so I can take snaps again, now I just need to figure out an outfit that does the boots justice.  I still have another two pairs of shoes in the mail, but I’ll leave those for an update on another day.  If you were wondering about the insole of the silver t-bars, it’s just a cheapo liner that I wear inside all my shoes when I don’t wear socks to keep the insides clean from sweat/bacteria/dirt/smudging off the label, etc.


    • Yes, I feel very lucky to have them. They’re from 1998 and almost impossible to get, so much so that most people have only seen them worn by Vivienne Westwood herself or in the travelling Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibit.

  1. Hey iv been after some of the gold label army boots for a long time could you tell me if you don’t mind where you found them and how much I should expect to pay? Thanks alot

    • Unfortunately these have not been in production for many many years. Currently the only way to find a pair is to stalk auctions and resale shops. Depending on the condition and the color, they appear to sell for between $500~$800. I’ve seen them in the smooth burgundy leather that was featured on the runway and worn by Vivienne Westwood, as well as in black relaxed leather and black patent leather which were most likely custom orders from when they were in production in 1998. I personally found mine from a Japanese resale shop, and I paid about $500.

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