Spring Cleaning

Top:  Milky Way T-Shirt
Skirt:  Feather Tartan Skirt
Shoes:  Gold Label Bondage Boots
I’ve been feeling relatively casual lately, it’s getting nice and warm, and I’ve been working hard at home.  I don’t have many chances these days to dress up for going out, but I try to make at least some small effort for even just running errands, like this.  I’m currently looking for a new coordinate picture taking spot in my apartment since my leather crafting station now is taking up all my space.
I’ve been on a spring cleaning binge.  I’ve cleared out most of my Melissa shoes, to make way for some much needed Gold Label shoes.  I was hoping to get a pair of brand new Tracey Trainers, but those will have to wait a little bit longer, seeing as how I bought a couple of pairs of second hand shoes on ebay instead, namely a pair of t-bars in silver, mary janes in red, and a fixer upper pair of mary janes in gold.  I’m pretty excited to play with the fixer upper gold mary janes, since it will be good practice with my leather crafting study.  Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the post, and hoping for speedy and successful delivery.
I managed to weed out and sell 12 pairs of shoes from my last shoe post, 9 of which were Melissa shoes, and that leaves me with only 5 pairs of Anglomania x Melissa shoes left, which is still quite a lot if you think about it.  My collection is much less impressive visually, but it feels good to replace shoes I can’t wear all day with ones that I can.  I’m getting way too old for painful, but visually appealing, shoes.  I’ll leave that up to the next generation of youths with a higher pain tolerance for fashion.
Goodbye things, you will be missed.  Please make your new owners happy.
And now, here are pictures of my dogs wearing silly hats that my husband picked up in Paris while on a business trip.


  1. Ha ha the Poms are so cute!! I’ve only got 3 Melissa left now and have been debating which other none-Viv shoes can go so I can save up some money for the sales. Im seriously intrigued what you’re going to do with the gold shoes how exciting (imagines My little pony all over them). x

    • Oh dear god the sales. Don’t remind me! Haha. I just hope to get a mini crini, but I might have a better chance getting one before they go on sale. I have about 6 pairs of melissa’s left, I think. Two pairs wedge sandals, gold wing sandals, two pairs of three strap pumps that I’m debating selling, and a pair of dog chewed t-bar pumps that my dog hanako decided was a chew toy when she was teething :/. The gold shoes are going to be awesome. At first I was gonna paint them all red squiggle, but I’m kind of squiggled out. Unless if I do gold/silver squiggle…. hmm…..

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