My Vivienne Westwood Shoe Collection – Updated

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom
C=Comfy, T=Tolerable  P=Painful, B=Runs Big, S=Runs Small  N=Runs NarrowF=Just Size
8.  Accessories Label Patent Leather Pointed Toe Boots (name?) TN
15.  Accessories Label Patent Leather Ankle Strap Pumps (name?) TN
16.  Gold Label Patent Leather Elevated Courts PNS
18.  Vintage Pumps (I don’t know the name, got them second hand) TB
26.  Anglomania x Melissa Black 3 Strap Pumps CF
31.  Anglomania x Melissa Embossed Orb Fuschia Lady Dragons P
32.  Anglomania x Melissa Red Heart Gold Lady Dragons P
34.  Anglomania x Melissa Marble Wing Sandals CF
I figured it was time to update my collection photo.  I sort of accidentally became a Vivienne Westwood shoe collector.  I’d pick up pairs here and there that I like for the unique design, color, fit, season, etc. and before you know it I’ve got 34 pairs and counting.
As far as comfort goes, my top favorites would be the Gold Label Mary Janes (Thanks for the recommendation Pearl!), the Gold Label McCambridge Gillie, and Accessories Pirate Boots (the soles have a bit more support than the gold label boots), and oddly enough the Anglomania x Melissa Wedge Sandals.  I rotate the most between the shearling pirate boots and the toe mary janes.  I love my Gold Label pirate boots, but I find that for extended wear they need a bit of help in the comfort department by adding extra cushy insoles and topy rubber soles.
The shoes which I would recommend staying away from because they are a comfort disaster, would most likely be the Temptation Pumps, Lady Dragons, and Skyscraper series.  I can’t wear those shoes past my bedroom to get to the front door much less wear them in public.  I keep them as visual pieces in my collection mostly, lol.  The roman boots and the ankle strap pumps are close to intolerable, and they are very much date shoes where the only walking you have to do is from your car to your table and back.  Of course, everybody’s feet are different, I just have incredibly high arches, so any shoes with no arch support makes me cranky.
In regards to design, my favorites are the loudest.  The Red Squiggle Pirate Boots, McCambridge Gillies, Gold Wing Sandals, Bondage Boots, and Ballerina Rocking Horse Shoes.
If you have any specific questions about these shoes, feel free to leave a comment.



  1. LOL I love your pain chart ha ha! I ebay’ed most of my Melissa’s because they are just so damn unwearable especially the toe cruncher Temptations. I dont mind the Lady Dragons so they are the ones I kept, although the orb ones strap wouldnt stay up. The Melissa smell also makes me want to vomit ha ha! I also had a pair of the patent ankle strap shoes and they were too narrow for me, same for the rocking horse shoes so they all went too. I cant fault any of the Gold Label shoes though comfiest shoes I own.

    • Yeah… I’ve been really hesitant to buy any more Melissa shoes, but the last two pairs I bought were the wedge sandals, and those are surprisingly not half bad! Maybe because there is very little plastic and skin contact, haha. I’m really curious about the upcoming gillie, I might try one pair of those, but otherwise, I’m sticking with leather. The problem for me with the Lady Dragons, is I’m a half size, so I have to get my Melissas a half size up no matter what, and all my Lady Dragons slip right off and rub giant lesions into the toe joints. They make me feel like a 5 year old clanking around in my mother’s pumps. :|I’m so in love with my gold label mary janes. Thank you so much for the rec, I probably would’t have picked them up otherwise. I was really surprised to see the quality of the craftsmanship. You can tell these shoes are made with a whole lot of love and attention. I feel like they’ll last me the better part of a decade as long as I keep the soles intact. When you think about the kind of money you save on one pair of quality shoes vs having to buy a new pair of fast fashion shoes every season, I almost feel like I save money in the long run.

  2. Gorgeous collection!I have a quick question about the Melissa wing sandals. I love mine but I can never wear them because I have a hard time balancing while wearing them and have fallen several times while wearing them. On top of that, I found them to be very uncomfortable and the bottom of my feet would start to hurt after 5 minutes or so. Do you have any tips on how to walk while wearing them? Maybe it’s because I wear tights while I wear mine and then my feet slip and then I fall over.

  3. Hi there lovely! Gorgeos collection! I was wonderinf… What is your shoe size? XD and how many cm have the part that supports the feet in the vivienne westwood x melissa rocking horse winged sandals? Thanks so much =)

    • I wear a shoe size US7.5, which means I can fit between a UK 5 and a UK 6. My wing sandals are a UK 6, and the cm is about 24.5~25cm with an 8cm width at the ball of the foot.

  4. You are interesting and beautiful and I am definitely following your blog. Love it. And oh my god, how does one person have such an impressive collection? I would kill for a pair of Rocking Horse shoes… Is it actually possible to walk in them or is the wood (wood, yes?) sole too heavy?- Sóleyxx we are purple

    • Thank you, you are very kind ^_^. I’ve collecting slowly for many years, and it just kind of starts getting out of control on its own, but I’m slowly weeding out all the the shoes that are uncomfortable to me, so soon it won’t be so impressive, haha. The rocking horse shoes aren’t so bad to walk in actually! I’ve been able to wear them for many hours mostly standing and walking without any pain or discomfort. However, the ballerina shoe version is hard to manage, because the straps don’t stay up very well and fall down after just a few minutes, and there isn’t a lot of grip on the upper so they can slide on and off if you’re not careful. If you want to try a pair of rocking horse shoes in the future, I would recommend starting with a style other than ballerina, like perhaps the Gillie or the the boot version.

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