Portraiture Studies

Sage Portrait Study.  Oil on Canvas Board.  5″ x 7″

Still painting!  I’ve been doing a bunch of reading on the art of portraiture, to help improve my skills with color matching and detailing.  These are a couple of books I’ve picked up recently that looked rather informative.  The Color Mixing Recipes has turned out to be extremely helpful in color matching skin tones for different ethnicities, and will most likely become my color bible.



Painting portraits isn’t that hard.  I think with practice and good advice, anyone can paint a good portrait.  Especially with oils, because you literally can’t mess up.  Any mistakes can be wiped off or painted over, the hard part is getting the image to reflect a 3D image on a flat surface.  I really need to practice everyday to improve my painting skills, and I have a long way to go before I can call myself an artist.  At least it’s a fun road to travel.


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