Happy Valentine’s Day

Top:  Non-brand Purple Tanktop
Skirt:  Red Label Pink Tartan Pockets Mini Skirt
Belt:  Red Label Pink Tartan Heart Corset Belt
Shoes:  Gold Label Animal Toe Bondage Boots
Accessories:  Diamante Horn Tiara, Valentine’s Day Heart Orb Pendant
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year.  For me it was pretty low key, but to celebrate my hunny got me a bottle of new perfume, and I got myself a pair of Gold Label Animal Toe Bondage Boots.  I figured it would be appropriate to wear my pink tartan heart corset and matching skirt.  One day I will find the matching jacket and make it a full set!  Even my bicep tattoo is in the loving mood.  It’s a motto I need to remind myself of everyday.  It’s a quote from X-Japan’s song Forever Love.  Fighting words to live by, on my arm to give me strength, close to my heart, and extends into a warm embrace.
IMG_0797 IMG_0685

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