Accessories Sack Boots – Damage Control

I found the accessories label sack boots for a nice price on a couple weeks ago, and since I don’t have any of the sack boots in my collection, I thought it would be a good idea to get them since I’m saving my money and can’t quite yet justify ordering a pair of gold label toe sack boots (I will get them eventually though!).  They look like the ones from the Gold Label SS10 runway show, but with regular flat laces instead of ropes to tie them.  Sadly, I think I got the defect pair.  When they arrived the shoe lace was accidentally sewn into the inner seam, making it impossible to pull the lace tight, the laces themselves had pulls in the weave, and the inner sole is a bit too big for the shoe and bunches around the inner toe.

I thought at first that I would have to send them back for a refund, but the shoes fit nicely, and the leather is soft and beautiful.  It seemed like a waste to just send them back where they would ultimately end up destroyed.  So, despite the price I paid, I decided to see if I could fix them myself, and salvage what could be a perfectly nice pair of leather shoes.  I pulled out my seam ripper and sewing machine, and found that by complete chance had matching thread too, and got to work.  I ripped out about a 3 inch section of the seam, pulled the lace out, and sewed it back up.  You almost can’t even tell that they’ve been altered unless if you look at them closely.  I can live with the pulls in the lace, I figured that they’d get that way eventually from wear and tear, and the inner soles don’t bother my feet when I wear them, making it a moot point.  I feel a bit happy now that they’re fixed and I don’t have to send them back to an early grave.

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