Graffiti Tartan + Vivienne Westwood for Nine West

Shirt:  I am not a Terrorist T-Shirt in White
Skirt:  Red Label Graffiti Tartan Skirt
Shoes:  Vivienne Westwood for Nine West
Bag:  Graffiti Tartan Cross Body Bag
Had:  Graffiti Tartan Beret
Necklace:  Giant Orb Pendant
One of my all time favorites in Vivienne Westwood’s range of tartans is the graffiti tartan from the A/W 2005 collection.  Specifically this black/red/white color way with the non-logo scribbles.  I like the logo graffiti version too, but there is something a bit more chaotic and alluring about the random scribbling that I prefer.  My first handbag by VW was in this tartan, but sadly my love for that bag meant that I destroyed it with many years of use, along with the matching tri-fold wallet.  This is what is left of my collection of graffiti tartan, the beret, skirt, and cross body bag.  The shoes are also lined in a similar tartan.  The wool gets a bit itchy on the inside of the straps, so I don’t quite wear these shoes very often, but they look so cute it’s hard to let them go.


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  1. This was such a great collaboration, I had the Granny lace ups and the wrestler belt from it and the handbag from the regular line. All gone to ebay heaven now which I regret a bit actually 😦

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