Pearls on Poms for Pearl

After talking to Pearl about dressing up her poms in pearls, I took this picture for her.  This is Hanako, my other pom, wearing momma’s single strand bas relief pearl choker.  She looks a little scared in this photo, but trust me this is the dog who knows no fear.  She’ll jump out the windows of moving cars (which scored her the nickname chippytooth), stick her head out over ledges to see whats going on down below even if we’re 10 stories high, eat mass quantities of red meat and then still rummage for kibble, and many other dangerous activities that makes me have to keep an eye on her at all times less she harms herself.  Even so, she’s a well mannered dog, doesn’t bark, doesn’t bite, loves ~everybody~, and her favorite activities include eating, sleeping, hiding hunks of cheese in strange places, and most of all petting.

Awwww…. yeahhh…..
and now for the obligatory peanut shot:



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