Defective Temptation Shoes

The other day I noticed that Amazon had the Temptation shoes on sale for $89 with free shipping.  Of course, that was a price that I couldn’t refuse, so I ordered a pair in red.  It was too good to be true.  The pair I received, while authentic, are not without defects.  They came new, boxed, and smelling sweet of bubble gum.  I put on the right shoe and was happy, but then I put on the left shoe and was suddenly not happy.
The lower strap has been warped out of shape.  Instead of being a straight strap, it’s curved causing a very odd looking gap/flap over the foot.  I notified Amazon right away to get a replacement pair, but the fact that they sent me this pair makes me think that their ‘sale’ is nothing more than ‘trying to get rid of rejects.’
My replacements should be here tomorrow, and I’m crossing my fingers that the new pair will have an undamaged left shoe to swap out.  Just a word of caution to anyone else considering getting them from Amazon.
I received my replacement pair, swapped out the left shoe, and now all is well!!

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