Vivienne Westwood Shoes

I don’t really consider myself to be a shoe addict, but there comes a time in a girl’s life when her closet becomes overrun with shoes, and she must decide which shoes are important to keep at arms reach and which shoes can be stored in a bin.  Which is about the time when I decided to buy a relatively cheap shoe organizer from, but then quickly realized that even one rack wasn’t enough to hold all my shoes.  So I ordered a second, just for my Vivienne Westwood collection, and both racks are full!  I had no idea I had so many.  There is one pair missing from my photo, some basic ankle lace courts that go in the gap above the leather heeled pirate boots, but I don’t think I can squeeze another pair in there without storing the big boots in their boxes.  I also, don’t have anymore doors to hang shoe racks from, haha.
How do you store your shoes?  I’m curious.  I’m about to run out of room!  I have at least 8 or 9 more pairs of shoes I want to add to my collection, not to mention those shoes that just stroll into your life unexpectedly, so this is obviously not going to work out long term.  I need a house with a shoe wall that rotates with multiple layers.  I should also, probably at some point, make sure I get my collection insured.  All it takes to break into my apartment is a coat hanger and some skill, I’ve seen them do it when I’ve accidentally locked myself out on the balcony before.  Which reminds me I should probably go flip the deadbolt.


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