Milkyway T-Shirt & Anglomania Lee Skinny Jeans


Tshirt: Milkyway Tshirt
Jeans: Anglomania Lee Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Melissa 3-Strap Gold Elevated Pumps
Jewelry: Giant Orb Pendant, Small Gold Orb Pendant, Tiny Silver Orb Pendant, Green Cabochon Ring, Silver Armor Ring, Black Enamel 3D Orb Ring, Silver Horn Tiara, Naughty Alice Bracelet.
Belt Acc: Vivienne Westwood Japan Black Leather Portable Ashtray


I’m not a pants girl, but due to a mess up with an online order I ended up with these pants. They run a bit small, so while a size 26 pants from GAP are gigantic on me, a size 26 in these pants are tight. I like my clothes a little loose, so I’ll probably for-go this pair and get some in a size 28 later. I’ve had a house guest for the past week, which has been great fun. Going to work on a new painting tonight of a Tokyo cityscape at night. Just something nostalgic to hang in the dining room.



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