My 28th Birthday, Gold Label Grey Pirate Boots

For my 28th birthday I had to go to work, but when I came home my mom had sent me flowers and a balloon, and my husband took me out to eat at a nice restaurant.  They have a dessert platter called the candy shop, which is an assortment of tasters, all gourmet and made by hand, marshmallows, apple pie, meringue, macaroon, ice cream cone dipped in chocolate, espresso shot with a donut hole, fruit jelly, a puff pastry, and a push pop of chocolate pudding with chocolate whip cream.  Which the, of course, I came home and had more cake.  Taro helped me blow out the candles.
20101113-IMG_0115-3- 20101113-IMG_0124-4- 20101113-IMG_0125
For my special present, I ordered Gold Label Pirate Boots in grey suede from Hervia.  I had been planning on purchasing a pair for quite a while, but had waited until I paid off all my credit card debt I managed to get into while I was in college, and spent the whole year focusing on trying to work as hard as I could to accomplish that.  Which I did.  Right on time for the holidays!  20101204-IMG_0098-5- 20101231-IMG_0105-2

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