New People Grand Opening

On the morning of the 15th, Lauren and I took the early morning flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco to try to get tickets to the grand opening.  The grand opening wasn’t until the afternoon, but they were handing out numbered tickets to save your spot in line starting at 9am, so we had to get there super early, and we made it just in time.  Before the grand opening ceremony, we enjoyed hanging around Japan Town, eating breakfast and meeting with other friends.  By the time the ceremony was about to begin, we all piled into the street in one giant massive crowd.  It was such a successful event, it was very moving.  4 years ago I would have never imagined this many people in the USA would be supportive of a Japanese fashion mall.
While waiting outside, it began to get hot, and I was lucky I brought my parasol to shade myself from the sun.  The only problem was this rather tall man standing directly behind us, I couldn’t get my parasol up over his head and almost poked his eye out several times, so he did the gentlemanly thing and offered to hold it for me :).  Thank you stranger!
By the time we got inside, I was already super exhausted and tired.  It was a frantic rush to try to find items that I wanted to purchase through the chaos, and the lines for checkout were several dozen people long already.  I picked up a BTSSB lucky pack, and a couple accessories from the 6% Doki Doki pop up shop and Black Peace Now.  I had enough money to get the tea party ticket, but my friend wasn’t able to go, and since she was my date, I decided to pass on the tea party as well so I could have more time to spend with her frolicking about San Francisco, so I saved it for city shenanigans (Apologies to event organizers who expected me to attend!  Friends come first!)
While everyone was inside shopping, they held a fashion show outside that we were able to watch from the glass walls of the shop.  It was a bit of poor even planning imho, since the people who would care the most about the fashion show were unable to watch since they were busy inside shopping.  We did however make it to the 6% Doki Doki Harajuku Kawaii Experience show!  And we were able to meet with the staff afterwards as well.
By the time the sun started setting, I was totally exhausted.  My husband, who flew in later that day, took a cab from the hotel and came and picked me up.  I skipped dinner to go straight to sleep for 12 hours straight.


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