Anime Expo 2009 Day 2: Angelic Pretty Chandelier

JSK:  Angelic Pretty Chandelier JSK
Socks:  Angelic Pretty Candy Border Socks
Shoes:  Angelic Pretty Tea Party Shoes
Muffler:  Metamorphose
On this particular day at Anime Expo 2009, Mana of Moi dix Mois (previously Malice Mizer) was having a signing session.  Tickets were distributed the day before at the fan panel, and the line was incredibly long.  There were far too many fans than there were tickets.  Luckily I scored a ticket, and I had my draw string bag signed by the band.
3690423337_40dfb28f4d_b 3690425757_a4e5d33d6a_b 3690425161_e910db52b7_b IMG_0007_2-4 3691235210_76216fb772_b 3691876721_2279c2057d_b IMG_0004_2-5 IMG_0001_2-7-3- 3690426391_59d493d5f9_b

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