Alamode Market

I met _GraveflowerPsychodollfie, and Ohrusty in Harajuku for a day of shopping~.  We walked around Harajuku for a short while with Amiyu, and then went to Kawasaki to go to Alamode Market 7, which was on the 4th floor of some building some distance from the west exit of Kawasaki station. We passed it the first time, and had to walk back and ask someone what building it was in ^_^. But we found it, and it was really nice. There were a lot of dollfie clothes, and it really made me want to get a dollfie, even though I’m not a doll person.

Afterwards, we didn’t really know what to do, so Amiyu went home to nap before an all night gothic party, and us 4 girls went back to Harajuku for a bit more shopping. Ran into Adrian on Takeshitadori, and then we went to Closet Child, but I didn’t buy anything (need to start my job before I start spending money!).  Then we went to Innocent World, and LaForet. _Graveflower and Psychodollfie were talking to a friend of theirs, while Ohrusty and I went browsing through the shops, and we went to Alice and the Pirates!  It wasn’t there when I left the year before, so I bought the new plate they have, and while at the register I was telling Ohrusty about how much I wanted to have the bento box set, but couldn’t afford to spend 20,000y just to get it, and Ohrusty was like, yeah its so cute!  I didn’t realize they could understand us, and suddenly they offered us the bento boxes for free, and we were so shocked, and lots of bowing and thank yous were exchanged.  They thought my bags looked heavy so they have me a huge Alice and the Pirates shopping bag to put all my stuff in.  Carrying around this big bag made me feel like I just went on an A&tP shopping spree, but really I just spent 2,100y on a plate and got a free bento box, haha.

After that, the four of us went to Starbucks, the girls really like it, and I didn’t know they don’t have Starbucks in Sweden. I thought Starbucks was like McDonalds and just about everywhere. It was fun, and I drank a soy steamed milk with almond syrup, since I don’t drink any coffee or caffeinated tea. Then 
_Graveflower and Psychodollfie went home, and Ohrusty and I went to Shibuya for Karaoke. Which was totally awesome, but I think we failed in knowing if we had to turn the airconditioning on or not because it got hot in our room really fast :/. Little things to remember for next time. We snuck in some chu-hi from the conbini, since it was so much cheaper than the menu drinks.  

We ended up going back to my apartment to play Guitar Hero and watched live dvds. At around 3am, some bikes fell in the middle of the busy street outside my apartment, and I heard some weird noises.  I looked outside and someone had run over the bikes with their car. Curious, we wondered if anyone else was going to run over them, so we stared intently for some time, but no one else ran over them, lol. Some time later we heard some new noises outside, and there were about 6 or 7 cops ‘inspecting’ the situation which was hilarious. I mean, do you really need like 7 cops to check the bikes registration numbers. They were like running around with their flashlight looking in the bushes and down narrow alleyways, like they though someone threw the bikes in the street and would still be in the general vicinity, lol. OMG Japan I love you but you’re stupid some times.  

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