Innocent World Pink Plaid Twins in Santa Monica

Top:  Metamorphose
Pants:  Innocent World
Hat:  Borrowed
Socks:  Metamorphose
Shoes:  Angelic Pretty
Jewelry:  Vivienne Westwood
Shortly before leaving Los Angeles, I had to go up to the Japanese consulate to get my new visa for teaching English in Japan.  Afterwards, I spent the rest of the afternoon with friends in Santa Monica, and we had a bit of an impromptu photo session in matching pink tartan while being dorks on the beach.  As you do.
IMG_0010 20060831-2196495487_f5814330dc_o IMG_0011 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0029 IMG_0022 IMG_0037 IMG_0040 IMG_0046 IMG_0053 IMG_0064 IMG_0066 IMG_0065 IMG_0067 IMG_0073

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