Metamorphose School Tartan Twins in Harajuku

Blouse: Miho Matsuda
Hat:  Miho Matsuda
Pants:  Metamorphose
Socks:  Metamorphose
Shoes:  An*Ten*Na
My last weekend in Harajuku before returning back to San Diego.  I spent the day with M and C on the bridge, giving thank you gifts to the photographers, and said goodbye to everyone.  That night after C and M had to go back home, I hung out with my Japanese friends on the bridge til sunset.  They had prepared a going away cake and gifts for me (;o;).  Later than night my friends and I went and saw some indies lives near Shinokubo station.  One of my musician buddies gave me the shirt off his back as a going away present.  It was a really thoughtful gesture, but .. it was also kind of gross and sweaty.  As it neared time to take the last bus back to my apartment to clean up, we all cried a bunch, and I promised I would be back soon.  My friend RR came with me, and even though we totally planned on sleeping when we got back, instead we bought as much fireworks as we could afford, and ran around my parking lot with sparklers for hours until the smoke cloud got so intense we had to go back inside.  The next morning the apartment inspectors came early and I noted all the items they could keep/throw away, and I let them keep my deposit for it.  My university buddy had a friend with a car that came and helped me take all my boxes to the post office, and RR helped me get all the forms filled out and everything shipped off back to San Diego.  Then she came with me to the airport, and was the last person I saw when I left for the gates.  I didn’t want to leave, and was very very sad about it.  

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