Victorian Maiden w/ M in Harajuku

Blouse:  Moi-meme-Moitie, Borrowed from M
Headdress:  Innocent World
Shoes:  An*ten*na
Necklace:  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Socks:  Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
This weekend I met with my internet friend M from the USA for the first time.  We decided to both wear Victorian Maiden together to match since I had just picked up this dress.  I had only slept maybe a few hours at a Cocoa’s in Shinjuku with the rest of the Alamode Night dance crowd before meeting up in Harajuku with M.  At first I was really tired, but she’s so funny that I basically laughed myself awake for the rest of the day.
20121216-67509_959718464374_4848654_n 20121216-36180_972809045744_796621_n 20121216-281260_1911364824283_2103373_n 20121216-284689_1911364104265_3518943_n 20121216-33908_959720141014_1762593_n 20130105-2180795013_e9ded451ab_o 20130105-2181582554_06b2b4bea2_o 20130105-2181582708_9820ff9aa4_o 20130105-2181582892_cbd75d3d36_o 20130105-2181582088_244f671112_o 20130105-2181582214_20e68e5e63_o 20130105-2181582296_f6a2a2f3e9_o
vm_jsk_catherine_color vm_jsk_catherine_add

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