My First Lolita Sewing Project


Being a broke college student without a part time job, I wasn’t able to buy any brand name clothing.  Instead I turned to my sewing machine and a copy of Gosurori, picked a pattern, and tried to make my first lolita dress entirely from scratch.  I was still trying to teach myself to sew, so the project was a bit cumbersome and full of mistakes, I picked the wrong type of fabric, didn’t press the seams, and the cutting was eyeballed at best.  I was very proud of it at first, but soon enough I didn’t like how it turned out, and somehow managed to destroy all the photographic evidence of it’s existence, all except for this one photo that was hanging out in the wrong photo gallery on my hard drive.  Instead of tossing this picture in the trash bin like the rest, I decided to save it for sentimental reasons, even if it was a load of garbage, it was still my first entirely hand sewn dress.  I figure that is not something I should be ashamed of.


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