Harajuku Sunday, Again.

On this particular Sunday I was still kind of a bumbling fool, but wasn’t even close to giving up on making some acquaintances.  I didn’t have K with me to back me up in the communication department this time, and I wasn’t really ready to go out alone just yet, so I requested the help of my dorm mate L since her Japanese was infinitely more advanced than mine.  This time I thought I was slightly more prepared, as I went bargain hunting during the summer sales for some Japanese brand clothing the day before.  I picked up a couple of shirts from Putumayo, and a cross body bag from h.Naoto, but that was pretty much it.  The intense humidity wasn’t doing my hair any favors, so I opted to wear a wig that day.  I wasn’t quite ready to give up my horrible mall goth makeup skills is seems.  L wasn’t nearly as overdressed as I was.  She was really awesome helping me at least start conversations with people that I wanted to talk to.
After a short while I noticed there were some other foreigners on the bridge.  We ended up chatting it up for a while, and L decided it was safe at that point to go and do her own thing.  I spent the next few hours asking a million questions and getting a lot of good information.  They helped me to relax and let me know that if I was going to try and make friends with these people, I needed to come regularly and dressed correctly, which I wasn’t.  The bridge was somewhat reserved for cosplayers, lolitas, and cosplayers on an off day wearing regular visual kei and their close friends.  Since I wasn’t a cosplayer, I wasn’t friends with anybody or a part of a group, and I wasn’t really wearing anything familiar, I was still kind of perceived as an awkward try hard tourist.  I had to fix that.  I figured it would be a good time to try cosplaying next.  That night though, while at Lafort looking at the remainder of the sales, I found some Dir en grey cosplayers who were quite kind and chatty, and let me take a picture with them.

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